Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Inspiration Board: Boys' Room

I have been having so much fun putting together ideas for an upcoming house project. I promised my oldest son, who is 5 and very into dinosaurs, that when his baby brother gets big enough for a big boy bed we can work on creating a cool dinosaur room for the two of them. Now there is still a bit of time before we actually put it together (I'm thinking late spring, early summer), but with Christmas coming up, and lots of stuff I've been eyeing going on sales and clearance racks, I've decided to start putting together a plan and picking up things here and there.

My goals for the room are to make it bright, fun, and colorful -- without being too cartoony and babyish. I want something they can grow into. And keep it crisp and neat looking even though I want to throw in a few bright colors and patterns. I am thinking about painting the dark trim in their room white. It's about the last room in the house where the trim hasn't been painted and I think it's a big reason why the room currently feels so dark. And I'm thinking a white beadboard bottom with a rich, chocolate brown on the top half of the walls. I love the dinosaur mural I added to the inspiration below and I plan on incorporating something similar into the room. I love how it ties the browns, oranges, crisp whites, blues, and greens together!

I haven't been able to find any boy comforters I like. The only one that came close was from Kohls and it isn't available anywhere anymore. Of course. And I don't want to pay those outrageous prices for bedding to get something I like so-so. So, I decided to make it myself for a low price.

I found this great site called The Company Store that has all kinds of fun bedding on clearance. I ordered a blue striped sheet and a green striped sheet with a solid orange and a solid brown that I will use for the backings and I am going to sew the boys each a duvet cover. I purchased an Ikea duvet insert for about 12 bucks each on ebay. And I also ordered them each a dinosaur pillowcase from that same site and the dinosaur novelty pillows from Kohls, all of which I hope to have ready to give them for Christmas!

I love Target lamps lately. They have so many fun and colorful choices for a really low price in the Room Essentials line. I picked up the floor lamp for half off today and one of the floor rugs! I'll be sure to share when we get to work on the room! I'm excited to get started and I think they are going to love it!



Jen said...

Check out JCP.com (JC Penny)
They have some really cute bedding items and they are reasonable.
I love the ideas you have on your board so far. The orange is really fun!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the tip Jen! I actually bought my daughter's quilt from there a couple years ago and I love it! They do have a nice selection, especially in the girls stuff!