Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello You.

I've decided to branch off of my personal/family blog, which is more for "the mommy in me" to document life with my kids, and create a new space for "the ME in mommy," where I can share more about decorating, art, cooking, crafts, fab finds, fav things, and probably a smattering of other stuff too :).

ME who? Well, here are 10 totally random things about ME (in no particular order):

1. I met my husband when we were 15. We liked rollerblading, strawberry milkshakes, chasing sunsets, and star gazing. Life is a lot different now, but he's still my best friend in the world.

2. My favorite color right now is gray. And slate blue - you know the kind of blue that looks like gray, like a murky water. Lovely. And I adore a pop of sunny yellow or glam red for good measure.

3. I like to be silly. I love making my kids and my husband laugh. One thing that we should do more often is play loud music and dance around the living room together. That is such fun.

4. I really like artichokes, nectarines, and coffee with a good, (un)healthy dose of flavored creamer. Toffee nut is perfection.

5. I can make a mean lasagna. That's the result of deep Italian blood running through me. Good stuff.

6. I *heart* makeup. I think it's fun. Helps me put my best face forward (and not scare small children).

7. Jammies, a movie, pizza, and snuggling with my family = the perfect Friday night.

8. I love Jesus. Trying to be more like Him everyday by loving my family and others. It's a journey. Glad I'm not on it alone.

9. I've never been a "shoe girl," but I do love bags. Not anything name brand or fancy, just love having a wardrobe of purses to choose from color-wise and function-wise.

10. I try to always keep my nails painted - fingers and toes. Toes because they look prettier that way, and fingers because I discovered if I keep them painted I am less likely to bite them. Bad I know. So I opt for pretty painted nails instead of the gnarled, stubby look. :)

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to continuing this new blog journey with you!

This is ME. Life is good!


Christi Waite said...

NIce Job Melissa ! I will put you in my favorites

Jen said...

Love your new blog! Congrats! It's gonna be FAB!

Melissa said...

Thanks so much! :)