Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yellow + Gray

Let me start by saying -- I am not a fashion guru by any means. Whatsoever. I do love color and I also love getting good deals on clothes. The artist in me loves putting together outfits and trying new colors and styles (although, don't get me wrong, I am more often than not in a comfy pair of sweats and a hoodie!). I'm still working on losing accumulated baby weight and trying to feel good in my clothes. But I think no matter what size or shape you are right now, or how "into" fashion you are (or aren't, haha), it's important for every mommy to wear things that make them feel pretty because - you are!

I thought it would be fun to occasionally share what I love to wear and show you this mommy in the mirror (although I do feel a little silly, haha), and maybe give you some ideas for sprucing up your wardrobe a bit or just putting together different items you might not have thought of.

It's obvious that I am into gray and yellow this year -- not only do I love it enough to design a blog in those colors, I like putting them into my outfits as well. :) I'm drawn to yellow - it's such a happy color -- but for the longest time I didn't think yellow was a color I could wear and so I stayed away from it. This summer I found a yellow dress on clearance that I fell in love with and wore a lot, especially to the beach, and thus began my new-found love affair with yellow. (That's me with my little Gummi Bear in his cloth diaper *grin*)

I was sad to pack it away for the season because I had such fun wearing it. But, even though you may think of yellow as a summer color, it can definitely carry into the fall as well. I don't normally shop for clothes on ebay, but I really wanted to find an inexpensive yellow skirt, so I took a chance and looked there. Lo and behold, there was one on there that was just my size and I ended up winning it and paid less than $5 for it including s&h! The best part was it was new with the tags still on it for $58! Score!!

Now I already have a lot of gray in my wardrobe, but you could also pair yellow with black or white, navy, green, and some people could probably get away with pink I'm sure. So, you can see how adding one new piece, even for less than $5, can allow you to create several different looks with what you already have.

Casual - A basic long-sleeved, gray top with a gray and white striped scarf (perfect for little extra coverage around the tum-tum too!).
Going out - A light gray jacket with a fun yellow scarf over a darker top.
Cozy - A white blouse under a cable-knit gray, zip up hoodie.

Work it, Mama! ;) If you're not comfortable wearing a lot of yellow or a whole article of clothing in yellow, try just a scarf, bracelet, shoe/sandal, or purse with a gray or neutral outfit to add a punch of happy to your look :). Yellow is've been warned! :)



JoAnna said...

You look FABULOUS in yellow! I saw a little yellow dress at the GAP clearance center yesterday and totally thought of you! I almost texted you for your size...but wasn't sure you would love it as much as I did! I love this post and look forward to seeing more Mommy in the Mirror!

Tami said...

Love it! Love the new blog...hopefully I can find time to make a few things :o)

Sara said...

I love the yellow and grey combo, too... but sadly never really end up wearing it... I have very little yellow in my wardrobe. I should add more!

BTW, you look great in all the outfits! I love the scarves!